Sales Engineer (AKA Solution Architect)

Job description

About us:

Join an exciting young team that enjoys working and playing together. Wallarm is a well-funded technology startup in the San Francisco area. We continue to add new enterprise customers and grow our team. If you are bright, energetic, interested in cutting-edge tech, and want to make a difference in the company’s life, Wallarm is a place for you.

Wallarm is used by hundreds of customers, including Fortune 500, to protect and test websites, microservices, and APIs. Security and DevOps teams chose Wallarm Security Platform to gain visibility into hacking attempts, detect & remediate OWASP Top10, and test their apps for security issues.


What you will do

You will be working with our sales managers on closing technical deals for Wallarm’s WAF (web and API protection) and FAST (dynamic application security testing) products.

Wallarm’s products are infrastructure solutions with available integrations and form-factors for many different technical environments: Nginx module on Linux servers, Kubernetes Nginx Ingress controller, Docker container, Envoy proxy, Heroku, AWS/GCP server images, etc. You will be helping different enterprise prospects and companies to design, promote, test, and eventually implement Wallarm’s solutions. You will use your excellent verbal communication skills to do life product demos and Q&A sessions. You will become an expert in Wallarm’s products and web and API security.

The position is very dynamic and provides the candidate with an excellent opportunity to learn new technologies and sharpen their cloud and security skills. Some examples of situations you will need to deal with:

  1. A prospect is trying to deploy a Wallarm WAF solution in a Kubernetes cluster and is experiencing some problems. You will need to quickly jump on a call with the prospect and help to finalize the deployment.
  2. A prospect is using a SIEM platform which is not directly supported by Wallarm. You will need to write a quick Python script that will demonstrate how to use the Wallarm API to integrate with the SIEM platform.
  3. A prospect is using a combination of technical means, which is not described in Wallarm’s product documentation. You will need to quickly build a lab that will demonstrate to the prospect that Wallarm fully supports the prospect’s environment.

It is a remote position anywhere in North or South America.



Job requirements


To shorten the learning path, we ask the ideal candidate to have the following skills:

  • At least two years of cloud administration experience in AWS or GCP or Azure environments
  • At least two years of system, network or security administration experience
  • Strong written and oral English communication skills

Experience in Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Terraform, Python, shell scripting, web, and API security is highly desired but not required.

Also will be helpful prior experience in technical pre-sales, history of carrying a sales quota as a performance/comp KPI, experience of working with multiple time zones environment, pre-sales & implementation projects responsibility, sales management & engineering tools experience (, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, etc.).